GP4 Builder by Lo2k

  • Hier kommen nun immer die aktuellen Versionen von Lo2k's GP4Builder Versionen rein. Der Downloadlink ist immer auf zu finden

    Bitte nicht mit Fragen ect. voll müllen oder so, denn der soll schon übersichtlich sein, danke :)

    GP4Builder 1.312

    As promised, here is a new version to fix most annoying glitches from last (1.305) version. There weren't that much in fact but some were very annoyous like track flag list errors or errors at deleting sectors.

    So here's the exact log :

    Enhanced : Added latest jip mapping picture and command labels to new command window
    Fixed : Error when opening Track Flag List
    Fixed : Objects became greyed after being selected
    Fixed : Error when deleting some .dat sectors before split lines positions
    Fixed : Selected face wasn't bordered in red anymore since 1.237
    Fixed : Out of range error when selecting an empty line in new command window
    Fixed : Z Axis was always disabled at startup (since v1.305)

    and the usual picture :

  • Version 1.406 ist da
    da einige versionen zwischen 1.312 und 1.406 liegen, kann ich keine vollständige liste der änderungen liefern. es gibt aber einige tolle neue features die unten nicht erwähnt sind, daher lohnt sich der download auf jeden fall.

    änderungen seit 1.394:

    fixed a crash when attempting to save any file but a .gp4 one (or .gp4+.dat)
    New : Remove all useless texture names or files in 1 click
    New : duplicated texture names are now automatically sorted at loading
    Enhanced : Progress bar now displays file parsing time
    Enhanced : Alhabeticaly sorted useless texture list
    Enhanced : kerbs converted from .dat now have 64 flag value
    Enhanced : warning when creating a new texture name that is already existing
    Fixed : Crash if two textures had the same name
    Fixed : error if two textures were deleted successively
    Fixed : selection highlight was lost if shading or mapping was disabled
    Fixed : Envgstand textures were listed as useless texture files
    Fixed : Side lines were displayed when creating multiple pitlane sectors

  • die version 1.540 steht auf realgpx zum download bereit.

    die wichtigsten neuen features (gepostet von Lo2k auf

    New : .gpb file format support
    New : 3D View camera settings are now stored in .gpb files
    New : .dat layout is now stored in .gpb files
    New : Individual Sector Subdivision settings are now stored in .gpb files
    New : .gpb now supports scene and part custom names

    New : Unified Merge/Ungroup/Detach/MoveToScene features in one menu
    New : Merge two scenes
    New : Rotate a scene
    New : Merge two parts
    New : Displace one Face
    New : Duplicate one Face
    New : Add one face
    New : Weld one vertex
    New : Unweld one Part/Face/vertex

    New : beta fence mapping function
    New : Part Texture Thumbnails in the left list
    New : Individual Sector Subdivision settings
    New : Recover lost parts and remove 0-face parts
    New : Show Selected object only
    New : Select which scene(s) to display
    New : Only display objects visibles from selected sector (based on object distance property)
    New : Apply relative changes to multiple sectors
    New : Zoom with mouse wheel
    New : Keeping Alt key pressed temporary sets rotate/zoom mode
    New : Directly open part texture in your Drawing program
    New : Full GP4Infos Data support
    New : Export partial .dat
    New : convert .GP4 stripe object to .dat track coordinates
    New : Track flag list now checks if Start/end pitlane sectors positions are correct
    New : Part Texture mapping streching information (texel size)
    New : Directly mouse pick last sector for Multiple sector edition or partial .dat export
    New : Directly select ccline section with mouse